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PT. Gran Marindo Nusantara is primarily focused on shipping management and seamen recruitment agencies. The company was established and formed in 2007. It was founded in July 10th 2011. During the periods of 2007 until 2011 the company was successful in becoming a domestic and international shipping agents. Every year the company evaluates its program, related to its agencies service and seamen recruitments. This is an effort to make the company and the team successful ones, under the banner of PT. Gran Marindo Nusantara. It is a company, which has wide experiences, dealing with shipping management and semaen agencies.
There is no doubt that oversea-agencies could definitely rely upon the service and cooperation this company (PT. Gran Marindo Nusantara). We are therefore, looking forward to work together with you as partners in ensuring the smooth running of shipping and seafarers industries both in Indonesia and abroad.


PT Gran Marindo Nusantara will provide maximum  service, at competitive price, to both domestic and international customer’s satisfaction, while providing talented, skilled and qualified seamen that follows all relevant regualtory requirements.


The major objectives to be achieved by PT Gran Marindo Nusantara in the next three year include :

  1. Successful development of export markets for seamen, beginning with South East Asia by the end of 2005 and then further expansion into European Nations, Middle East, and the United States of America th 2007
  2. Sales increase at 10% per annum, through the regaining of market share in the South East Asian market
  3. Net profit to increase from 20% to 30% of sales in 2007 and maintained at this level. Gross profit to be maintaned at around 60% of sales

The fragment nature of South East Asian market and the large number of competitive service suppliers suggest realistic marketing objective as follows:

  1. Achieve the company’s awareness in target  markets of 10% at the end of year 1,20% at the end of year 2 and 30% at the end of year 3; and
  2. Achive market share of relevant service markets of 0,5% at the end of year 1,1% at the end of year 2 and 25 at the end of year 3


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